2D and 3D Explainer Videos

At Handsomely, we create visually appealing and clear explainer videos utilising 2D and 3D animation as well as incorporating other forms of mixed media.

We build our foundations with design-led thinking, which makes our explainer video concepts visually engaging and easily understandable. 

Essentially, motion graphics can be more cost-effective than live-action. Creating an explainer video utilising motion graphics allows for more straightforward modifications without needing reshoots when project costs are tight.

The five following pillars detail how Explainer Videos that utilise motion graphics can help achieve your strategic goals:

Brand Consistency

Your brand is your identity. A consistent brand is vital to success in any marketing materials, whether the end use is internal or external. Having a unified voice, design, and sound means that you convey the messages, values and products in their best light — every time. Our approach starts with understanding the brand, developing it if necessary, and creating deliverables that feel unmistakably part of your brand.

Information Retention

In this information super highway we call the internet. Audience focus levels have diminished. Visual content has higher levels of retention than reams of text. If you’re reading this, consider yourself one of the few who absorb information via written content in the age of the internet.

If you want people to retain information, consider using motion graphics to embed your information audibly and visually. 

Increased Engagement

Motion is engaging and novel. The dynamism of motion graphics typically creates increased engagement with content across social platforms and websites. An audience will likely continue watching a video that maintains visual interest. 


Businesses can utilise motion graphics across many platforms, including social media, websites, events, and presentations. This versatility means you can reach your audience through multiple channels and funnels.

At Handsomely, we like to consider the other applications of content – and encourage using long-form content condensed into smaller breadcrumb content.

Demonstration of Complex Processes or Products

Sometimes, some things just can’t be filmed. Or processes are too complicated to explain efficiently in a frame of live-action video. Motion graphics truly excels in this area. We can simplify and make processes more digestible and engaging – and ultimately create a more cost-effective way of communicating with your audience.

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